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Back in the day, people usually resorted to running for two very obvious reasons – fleeing for their lives, or hunting for food. While pursuing these dangerous endeavors, our primal ancestors had little to no protective clothing at all. A Stone Age man would walk twenty miles a day, without shoes, sunglasses and without all the fancy gadgets that we’ve got at our disposal these days. He had no water in sight, and his goal was utterly terrifying – to hunt down a mammoth.

In the world of today, however, we have a completely different situation on our hands. Running has become a hobby, a passion, a habit that’s proven to be healthy. At least to a certain extent. People run because they want to look good, they want to feel good. Some of us run because we want to lose weight, don’t feel good about ourselves, or just feel lonely. Many people find this hobby to be a good way of relieving their stress. And some people just run for fun.

If you recognize yourself among these jogging junkies, but your shoes are giving you a blistering headache, or you feel like you’re sweating too much, we’ll give you a few bits of advice to keep your engine running.

Running clothes – The basics

Many people tend to jump right into whatever clothing they’ve got and go straight to the track. That is a big mistake. If put on those worn out sneakers from the back of your closet and go out for a run in your ordinary sweatshirt, thinking it’ll do the job, you’ve got it all wrong. Yes, it will do the job, but in the long run, you will end up getting hurt and frustrated.

The first thing you should do is get yourself a pair of proper running shoes. Online retailers like SportsDirect and RoadrunnerSports hold a fantastic variety of both men’s and women’s running footwear.  If you’re contemplating the option of jumping into the world of jogging, here you will find just about everything you need to start pursuing your passion.

Be advised, though, picking up shoes you find to be the best looking is not always the wisest choice. Your purchase should be primarily based on factors such as your feet’s shape and size. Our feet have a nasty tendency of swelling while we run, so buying a size that’s a little bit bigger than what you’re usually accustomed to is always a smart thing to do.

The next critical factor is choosing the fabric of your running clothes. I say critical because taking the wrong route with this one could severely diminish your marathon capabilities. If you want to keep your body sweat at bay, staying away from cotton is probably the best thing to do. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, synthetic is the best way to go. Wicking away moisture is where these materials excel. Silk should also rank high on your list of priorities.

You also have to think about where to buy your running watch.

You must choose wisely when it comes to socks. Again, cotton is not your best friend here. Polyester and various acrylic blends come to mind.  Nike’s online shop has got all the socks you need to get yourself up and running.

And that’s about it for a start.

Now we will delve further into what kind of gear you will need in various meteorological conditions.

Running Hot

Running in the heat without thoroughly preparing yourself will get you in real trouble. You could end up with sunburns, dehydration, or even sunstroke. These potential life-threatening situations can all be avoided if you just pay attention to little details.

We’ve already mentioned cotton as your worst enemy when it comes to dealing with moisture. What are the alternatives then? What running clothes should you buy? The ones that instantly come to mind are Dri – Fit and Coolmax. Those are not cheap solutions but don’t worry, once you try them out, they will become your best friend on your running spree. The fabric inside them enables perfect evaporation of all your accumulated sweat. Nike has a staggering collection of these clothes but if you want something cheaper, you could also pay a visit to the good old Alibaba

Avoid wearing black at all costs. Bright colors should be mandatory if you want to reflect sun rays from your body.

Sunglasses are also a must on a sunny day. One of the bestselling models is Oakley’s Half Jacket Polarized. They offer unparalleled UV protection, and they’re also very comfortable. You could check them out on Amazon:

And of course, have a bottle of water by your side at all times.

Running Cold

If you get a jogging rush on those gray winter days, and you’re feeling a little bit crazy just for having that thought on your mind, don’t worry. You are crazy. But we live in a modern, fast-paced world. Things have changed. In the past, our folks had to wear tons of protective clothing just to avoid frostbites. In those days, nobody in the world would ever want to go running when it’s below zero outside. But today, you can arm yourself to the teeth and go punch that winter right in the face.

Here’s the weaponry we’ve prepared for you:


ASICS Second Wind Fleece Cap

It is estimated that we lose almost 10 percent of our body temperature from our head. Don’t leave your head unprotected, it could cost you your life.

ASICS Thermal Run Gloves

These wind and waterproof gloves offer great versatility. They are very soft, giving you the freedom of manipulating your mobile devices while on the go.

Saucony Boston Running Pants

These pants will keep you dry and warm no matter how long your running adventure lasts.

Brooks Men’s Cascadia 8 Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes are an all-around solution. They are waterproof and offer the amount of traction that is far beyond the competition.

And that sums it up. If you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with all your precious running clothes, and it happens to be snowing, who knows. You might stumble upon a mammoth.





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