Top 5 players with customized soccer cleats

For footballers today, custom made soccer shoes have been a growing trend since it makes the footballer unique. The most popular soccer cleats which are also considered favorites among footballers are the custom Adidas soccer shoes and the custom Nike cleats. Most of these players have also bought watches from different sportwinkels.

  1. Wondolowski N7 Hypervenoms

Nike N7 is a significant pair of Nike football boots specially made for Chris Wondolowski. Chris was treated to his own Nike pair as part of the Nike initiative called the Nike N7. The initiative is primarily focused on inspiring the Native Americans and indigenous persons in North America in sports participation.

Undoubtedly, the Hypervenom phantom’s design is unique. Everything about the boot is remarkable, from color to the zigzag chrome design pattern on the front foot. The zigzag pattern alluding to the Wondo tribal routes is what makes the phantoms unique. It is because; compared to other Hypervenoms the addition is only in the phantoms, meaning it would be difficult to get a pair as Nike will not be releasing the design for public use.


  1. David Beckham Personalized Pair of Adidas Predator

Adidas opted to get Beckham his last pair of customized boots during his last professional game. The main inspiration of the boot was the footballer’s love for his country, which is reflected by the country’s flag colors (red, white and blue) together with Great Britain’s Union flag. Every inch of the boot was made to Beckham’s specification, and as a result, the footballer’s love for his family (wife Victoria and four kids: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper) is reflected by their initials on the boot. Furthermore, Beckham’s shirt number (the famous 7) is also included.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Personalized CR Mercurial IX

Cristiano Ronaldo’s case is interesting. The player was given plenty of choices for his Nike boots. However, the one that took the most attention was the limited edition CR Vapor IX. The design was available in 100 pairs worldwide making it a tough experience to acquire a pair. Bold CR7 graphics were featured on the boot and numbers alluding to his many accomplishments included on the lateral side of the boot. The CR Mercurial IX was specifically created to feature the remarkable graphic and represent his many football accomplishments.


  1. Craig Bellamy’s Custom-Made Warrior Skreamer

The footballer is the latest high-profile player to sport his customized boots. Craig Bellamy was Warriors’ first ambassador and as a result got his first Warriors Skreamers S-Lite boots. Observing the entire design, his input is highly evident.

The boots are white with red and green splashes that give it a Welsh look. Being an individual from Celtic, an inclusion of the Welsh dragon can be seen on the lateral side of the shoes, while on the midline, a distinct Triquetra symbol can be observed.

Furthermore, both soles of the boot have been etched with lines from his country’s national anthem in predominantly gold colors. According to Bellamy, it symbolizes his passion and pride for his country.

Bellamy’s boot is perfect for defenders craving for lightweight boots as the upper is well built. As a result, one is both protected and can easily move around and make long-balls due to its light weight nature. This is a bonus.


  1. Robin van Persie’s New Customized F50 adiZero

Previously, Robin van Persie was wearing the Adidas adiPower Predator boots which he later transitioned to the new Adidas F50 adiZero. Being that the adiPower was the boot of choice for quite some time, switching to the new F50 adiZero came as great news. The F50 adiZero is an improved version of the adiZero, with all the elements about the boot custom built to RVP’s specifications. Among the specifications include a bladed soleplate and the distinct stitching across the boots. Interesting enough, the F50 adiZero is designed exclusively for RVP’s feet alone.

The new customized F50 adiZero takes into account the first pair of the Adidas boots that the footballer ever wore. Looking at the upper part, his choice is leather going with red vamp together with a white trim and dark blue detailing. The color choice is influenced by the player’s country colors. Lastly, there is an etching of RVP 20 on the side of the boot beside the Dutch flag.

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